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Managing Pelion Device Management accounts

This chapter is for administrators responsible for securely creating and managing different types of accounts, groups and users. It guides you through:

Managing accounts, groups and users

Device Management supports both embedded and application developers, as well as manufacturers and operators. This section introduces you to Device Management organization accounts, adding users and groups and free and commercial accounts. It also explains how to edit user information, revoke a user’s access rights, and reset your own password.

Account types

This section discusses the types of accounts that Device Management offers: Free Tier, Commercial Tier (requires a business agreement with Arm and is created by Arm), Aggregator (a commercial account managing several subtenant accounts as a business provider), and Subtenant (a commercial account owned by an aggregator but managed as your own account).

Maintaining account security

To protect your devices and the data in Device Management, you can add an extra layer of security to your account. This section explains how to use, enable, enforce, and disable two-factor authentication and what to do if your account is compromised.

You can set up an identity provider to support federated users on your team.