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The Pelion IoT Platform is a diverse set of tools, all of which make developing and managing IoT appliances easier. In this document, we covered the basics required to build connected devices and how to address and manage these devices over the internet. There is more to mbed than what is in this article: we have connectivity methods for a variety of other standards, such as LoRa, Thread and Bluetooth, and a complete set of security libraries to build more secure IoT applications with uVisor and Mbed TLS. Device Management also includes services for device management (such as firmware updates over the air) and telemetry services. If you want more information, please let us know.

If you want to continue developing the light system, start by attaching a brighter (or bigger) light source. Neopixel LEDs come in a variety of forms (like LED strips) and are super bright - a great choice for your home or office. See the documentation on how to use the Neopixel LEDs on mbed OS.

Happy hacking!