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Managing Pelion Device Management devices

Device Management allows life-long management of deployed devices. This chapter covers the following topics:

Managing deployed devices

This section begins by describing the main device states: onboarding, registered and degregistered. It then discusses device attributes and filters and how to use them. Devices have a number of built-in attributes, that is, information that the device provides to Device Management, such as manufacturer, serial number and model. Custom attributes allow you to create very fine-grained filters and you can filter devices by both built-in and custom attributes. The section then discusses the device event log, which stores all important events in a device’s lifetime, such as registration date and all firmware updates. You can see all device events on the Device Management Portal, or you can query the API. The section concludes by showing you how to delete development devices in the portal.

Device groups

This sections introduces the concept of device groups, their creation, and management. There are tutorials for both the Device Management Portal and APIs.

Secure device access

This section introduces Secure Device Access (SDA). SDA enables device owners to give specific users permission to access and manipulate deployed devices. These users can be service technicians who belong to a different organization.

This section begins by explaining how SDA works, its components, key concepts, and how to enable it. It then guides you through implementing SDA. Device manufacturers can incorporate SDA into their IoT device solutions by adding it to their device application, provisioning the device with a public key and developing a proxy app for the mobile platform. The client app running on the device then uses the SDA Client API to handle incoming messages from the proxy app. You can authorize single users or groups of users to have access to the device and define the level of access that they have. The section concludes by providing a reference implementation of SDA.

Suspending and resuming connectivity to devices

This section explains how to suspend or resume Device Management connectivity to particular devices.

Resource management tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to manage your device’s resources in Pelion portal. It demonstrates how to view device details, as well as read from and write to the exposed resources on the device.

This chapter focuses on device management actions. For firmware management, see Updating device firmware.