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Integrating web applications

To provide end-to-end functionality, Device Management supports multiple ways of integrating with third parties and web applications, as well as supporting new ways to connect to already-deployed devices.

This chapter discusses secure integration with API keys, which allows you to use Device Management services from your application. It then looks at the multiple ways you can integrate applications, including by using the Mbed Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Device Management Connect. The section concludes by introducing notifications and callbacks.

Accessing Device Management with API keys

To access the REST APIs, you first need to create an API key and integrate it with your application. This section explains how to generate an API key, use your API key in an application, and revoke keys.

Integrating with Device Management Connect

This section explains how to set up a callback URL (webhook) to receive notifications from Device Management Connect about asynchronous responses and observations from clients. Once the callback is set up, you can subscribe to observe changes in the device Resources.

The event notification channel

This section gives more detailed information on setting the callback interface and URL, and how to secure the callback channel. It also discusses the pull interface and notification sending logic.