Individual parameters can be set in the following ways:

  • Directly when instantiating a new API object
  • Through environment variables
  • Through environment variables configured in .env files

Configuration on instantiation

Configuration on a per-object basis takes precedence over any other configuration source:

from mbed_cloud import AccountManagementAPI
config = { "api_key": "ak_*********" }
api = AccountManagementAPI(config)

Production deployment

Many CI and production server providers allow direct configuration of environment variables in a secure manner, to the equivalent of:

export MBED_CLOUD_SDK_API_KEY=ak_abcdef123

Local development

When developing locally, a .env file excluded from version control can be used to configure the SDK without modifying your system’s environment:

(in file: “/path/to/my/project/.env”)


The file should be named .env and placed at any level on your directory tree between your project’s working directory and the root. Files closer to the working directory, and any variables in the system environment, take priority.

Configuration parameters

You can configure the SDK with the following parameters:

Parameter Environment Variable Description Optional
api_key MBED_CLOUD_SDK_API_KEY The API key created in the portal Required
host MBED_CLOUD_SDK_HOST The fully qualified hostname (scheme, host, port) of the API server Optional