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Migrating from version 1.2

Note: You only need to read this document if you're using a customized or proprietary porting layer based on Pelion Device Management 1.2. If you are using the reference porting layers provided with later releases, you do not need to make any manual changes.

We've added many features and security enhancements since 1.2, which have implications for the PAL porting layer. This guide helps you make the adjustments required when upgrading to the current version.

Please see the minimum requirements configuration in the device requirements document.

Main changes

The primary features affected by the changes in the porting layer in the current release:

  • Root of Trust (RoT).
  • Real Time Clock (RTC).
  • Software One Time Programming (SOTP).
  • Random number Generator.
  • Threading mechanism (refactored).
  • (D)TLS handshake supports (D)TLS renegotiation.
  • Executable permissions (on Linux).