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Pelion Device Management Client Lite 0.8.0 preview release

This the seventh increment of the Device Management Lite preview release.

Client Lite example application

  • Updated to Mbed OS 5.12.1.
  • Updated compiler profiles for Mbed OS 5.12.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with IAR8.

Device Management Client Lite

Changed event API callback types to match the changes in Update Client.

Update client

  • Converted notification handling to use a flag instead of a counter to avoid a deadlock in the scheduler.
  • Added support for reporting out-of-memory error from Mbed TLS.
  • Removed TRACE_GROUP definitions from public header files.
  • Modified event API to use uintptr_t types for passing pointers instead of uint32_t for 64-bit compatibility.
  • Fixed the Update client state machine reboot state logic so that the active firmware details are not re-sent if reboot does not happen.
  • Modified trace and error macros in manifest manager to use common macros.
  • Fixed a page rounding issue in PAL blockdevice.
  • Fixed an issue where Class ID and Vendor ID were not reported in portal.