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Pelion Device Management Client Lite 0.9.0 preview release

This is the ninth increment of the Device Management Client Lite preview release.

Client Lite example application

  • Updated to Mbed OS 5.13.0.
  • Fixed the compatibility issue of with manifest tool version 1.5.0 or later. The script was incorrectly using internal manifest tool APIs.

Device Management Client Lite

No changes.

Update client

  • Converted notification handling to use a flag instead of a counter to avoid a deadlock in the scheduler.
  • Added support for reporting out-of-memory error from Mbed TLS.
  • Removed TRACE_GROUP definitions from public header files.
  • Fixed the Update client state machine reboot state logic so that the active firmware details are not re-sent if reboot does not happen.
  • Modified trace and error macros in manifest manager to use common macros.
  • Fixed a page rounding issue in PAL blockdevice.
  • Fixed an issue where class ID and vendor ID were not reported in Device Management Portal.

Known issues

  • IAR8 with protoman debug tracing will cause hardfaults due to NULL tracing. As workaround, do not use tracing with IAR8 compiled binaries.
  • Client Lite is not yet production quality and thus, releases are restricted.
  • Client Lite does not support delta firmware updates.
  • ObjLink type is not supported.
  • Opaque or string Resource value changes are not sending notifications 100 % reliably.
  • Create with TLV payload fails #15.
  • If you give the mbed-client-lite-example_update.bin as input for, it fails with a non-descriptive error [Errno 2] No such file or directory:. Use the mbed-client-lite-example.bin file instead.

Third Party IP (TPIP)

Client Lite contains no third party IP, all code is licensed by Arm under Apache 2.0.

Mbed OS itself contains third party IP, please see their for details.