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Mbed Cloud Client General Availability (GA)

Changes since the previous release

Mbed Cloud Client

  • Fixed POST response handling: The client was sending multiple responses for the POST request received from Cloud, which would sometimes cause undefined behaviour for the POST callback on the webservice.

Mbed Cloud Update

  • In Linux builds, Update related callbacks are now called in the context of the Update thread. Previously, it was possible to call some of these callbacks in a different thread.
  • In Linux builds, if tracing is enabled, the update scheduler will display an error if a callback can't be added to the scheduler queue.

Platform Adaptation Layer (PAL)

  • Linux: Replaced fflush(NULL) with sync() in pal_osReboot which was causing deadlock in Raspberry Pi3.

Known issues

Mbed OS

  • DTLS handshake fails on Ublox ODIN-W2, issue #6545.
  • Cloud Client registration does not work with IAR compiled binary if using Thread or 6LoWPAN, issue #3466.


  • glibc versions 2.23 and 2.24 have a bug in thread creation. It can cause random crashes with Linux.
    • If possible, update glibc to version 2.25 (or newer). See the sourceware issue 20116 for details.
    • We have implemented a workaround for this issue to decrease its likelihood. This issue may still occur in certain circumstances.
  • The Mbed Cloud Client application must run as root to have access rights to perform the firmware update.
    • This is not the most secure way to handle this issue and a more secure implementation will come later.
  • Yocto distribution has only been tested with developer certificate mode.

Mbed Cloud Client Third Party IP report

Mbed Cloud Client uses some open source Third Party IP (TPIP). This table lists the TPIPs whose sources we included:

Original License Description
cn-cbor MIT factory configurator client uses cn-cbor: A constrained node implementation of CBOR in C - with slight modifications. Code located in mbed-cloud-client/factory-configurator-client/secsrv-cbor
Unity MIT Platform Adaptation Layer (PAL) tests use Unity framework from ThrowTheSwitch. Code located in mbed-cloud-client/mbed-client-pal/Test/Unity

You do also get more TPIP via Mbed OS release itself (for example lwIP and FATFS).