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End to end Mbed Update development tutorials

These tutorials provide an introduction to the Mbed Update development workflow and show you how to use the Device Management Portal to create and manage update campaigns to update the firmware on devices connected to the Device Management, including:

  • Preparing your environment for building update firmware. This tutorial covers:
    • Getting a device certificate.
    • Getting an API key.
    • Creating the default authentication certificates for Device Management Update (including installing and initializing the manifest tool).
  • Integrating Device Management Update client into your user application. This tutorial covers:
    • Configuring the user application to use the Device Management Update client.
    • Authorizing the user application to install the firmware update.
    • Using callbacks to monitor the download progress of the firmware update.
    • Handling errors from the Device Management Update client.
  • Building an update image (on an Mbed OS device and on a Raspberry Pi 3. This tutorial covers:
    • Creating the firmware image (the OS, application file and update client).
    • Creating the update image (the firmware image, its metadata and the bootloader).
  • Creating a firmware manifest: This tutorial covers:
    • Creating manifests using the manifest tool.
    • Testing a firmware update on a single device.
    • Preparing a manifest file for use in a campaign.
  • Creating an update campaign. This tutorial covers:
    • Creating a device filter to target specific devices.
    • Creating an update campaign.


The tutorials assume:

  • You have a single device and that you are testing your application on it, rather than deploying many devices into production and updating firmware on devices deployed in the field. You have not connected your device to the Device Management.
  • You are using the Device Management Portal. Alternatively, if you do not want to use the Device Management Portal, you can also use the Device Management APIs or the SDKs to update your devices.


These tutorials use:

  • An Mbed OS device or Raspberry Pi 3.
  • An example application project, Device Management Update Client, available from this repository. If you do not have permission to access this repository, contact your account manager.
  • A developer certificate (rather than a production certificate).


Before you start these tutorials, you should have: