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Welcome to the Pelion Device Management Documentation

Pelion Device Management is a managed service for interacting and managing your connected devices. It includes:

  • A secure connection, over which you can interact and manage your IoT devices.
  • An end-to-end remote firmware update solution, including support for delta updates suitable for low-bandwidth and mesh-based networks.
  • Distinct workflows and configurations to ease your development process, with a seamless transition into deployment.
  • A flexible provisioning mechanism that can work with any factory setup to give your device all the information it needs to connect to Device Management.
  • Web application development using a choice of interfaces: REST APIs, Software Development Kits (SDKs), and an online portal.
  • Clients purpose-built to support Device Management services on your devices, for multiple operating systems.

Quick guides

Documentation for commonly performed tasks

Service references

  • SDKs: An overview of available development kits, with links to the full references.
  • APIs: References for Device Management service endpoints, including examples.
  • Recently updated documentation

  • Device suspension.
  • New secure device access (SDA) tutorial and updated documentation.
  • Delta update feature.
  • An important note regarding a potential risk in the event that a power failure occurs when you store an item with `kcm_item_is_factory` set to `true` on a device.
  • A new foundation interface for the SDK, with updated documentation including user journeys.
  • An important note on different host name for Japan and improved introduction to service APIs.
  • Improved instructions on using service APIs.
  • Client RAM and flash consumption - details and an example configuration.
  • New porting guide for Device Management Client, using the NUCLEO-F411RE board as an example target.
  • Updated guide for uploading large firmware images in multiple parts.
  • Revised guide for building an updatable firmware image for a supported Mbed OS device.
  • Release notes

    Release notes are available for Pelion Device Management, Device Management Client and Device Management Client Lite.