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Arm Mbed Edge


Arm Mbed Edge is a product that enables you to connect a variety of devices to Arm Mbed Cloud. Examples of such devices:

  • Existing legacy devices that use protocol such as BACNet, Modbus and Zigbee.
  • Non-IP based devices, such as Bluetooth LE.
  • Devices with a limited memory footprint that cannot host a full Arm Mbed Cloud Client.

Mbed Edge is the way to connect all these devices to Mbed Cloud, so you can manage them and their resources remotely.

Mbed Edge components

Mbed Edge consists of two major components:

  • Mbed Edge Core.
  • Protocol translator(s).

Edge high level components

Mbed Edge Core

Mbed Edge Core hosts Mbed Cloud Client, which represents:

  • An Mbed Edge device in Mbed Cloud.
  • The connected devices as LwM2M devices in Mbed Cloud.

Mbed Edge also aggregates all the device connections into one secure DTLS/TLS connection toward Mbed Cloud.

The firmware update to an Mbed Edge device uses the firmware update capability of Mbed Cloud Client in Edge Core.

Protocol translator

Proprietary protocol translators (PT) handle all the communication to the devices that Mbed Edge hosts using their native protocol. The protocol translators also map the connected devices' resources to LwM2M Objects and Resources following the IPSO object model and the OMA LwM2M specification.

  • For example, a thermometer would be represented as object 3303.
  • The objects have instances. You can have, for example, multiple thermometers in one device, one for internal and one for external temperature. The numbering begins at 0. For example, /3300/0 is the first thermometer on the device.
  • The current temperature is the resource 5700. For example, the current temperature from the first thermometer would map as /3303/0/5700.
  • You can use additional resources for indicating, for example the temperature unit. In this example, the resource /3303/0/5701 could contain a string C for Celsius or F for Fahrenheit.

You can run multiple protocol translators in one Mbed Edge device.

You need to implement the protocol translator yourself because Arm does not know the protocol you intend to use or the objects and resources you want to map to it.


As Mbed Edge is exposed to the internet, it is extremely important to take the necessary security precautions. There is a separate document on the Mbed Edge security aspects. Please familiarize yourself with it.

Detailed component view of Mbed Edge

A detailed view on the design of Mbed Edge:

Mbed Edge component details