Connectivity Management

Scale your IoT deployment with seamless Global Connectivity

Managing the connectivity of many deployed devices over multiple regions is difficult. Pelion Connectivity Management provides a consistent connectivity experience for your business allowing you to focus on your own needs and expertise.

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IP and

Support for wireless IP based protocols such as 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, LTE-CAT M and non IP technologies such as NB-IoT

Any device

Allowing you to bring your own device to our ecosystem of MNO partners.

Any protocol

Enabling your device to communicate with your application using any protocol over any network technology.

Global coverage

Providing a single vendor for all of your connectivity requirements, utilize our agreements or bring your own.

What is Connectivity Management?

Global Cellular

Pelion Connectivity Management provides global cellular connectivity services for all of your subscribers through a single vendor. Our unique infrastructure and platform allows us to provide industry leading communication protocols from the Connectivity Service Providers you trust.

Providing all cellular connectivity offerings that can be used for all industries; Including 4G LTE, 3G and 2G.

Deploy devices through recognised usage models:

  • Local in country connectivity that enables data to be peered in country.
  • Sponsored Roaming, an alternative to local connectivity that provides more flexibility through enhanced coverage.
  • Global Roaming, a single SIM solution built for global IoT deployments.

Non-IP Networks

Our infrastructure is not only built for routing IP data, but can handle the ingestion and bi-directional communication of datagram based networks such as NB-IoT. Our UI, APIs and Billing is engineered to offer the customer the same experience as any other subscriber, meaning you can manage NB-IoT, global roaming and cellular eSIM profiles on a single pane of glass.

Enable your application to receive data from non-IP networks through either or all of the following:

  • MQTT(s)
  • Sockets
How to route data to your application from non-IP networks managed by Pelion

eSIM Connectivity

An out of the box eSIM connectivity offering enabling your devices or modules to have a "wake up anywhere" connectivity bootstrap paired with the ability to localize in region when required.

A unique offering that provides initial roaming access to 600 cellular networks worldwide for the provision of your devices.

Once your device requires the ability to be in-life and send operational data, download one of our eSIM profiles over the air to your device.

Physical SIMs

With support for all industry standards, we provide all of the physical and non-physical form factors you require for your devices and modules, with a market-leading path towards iSIM connectivity.

Network Infrastructure

Through a unique integration approach, Pelion Connectivity Management works with each of our Connectivity Service Providers core networks to provide a consistent data routing infrastructure from the wireless network to your application in the cloud.

Global infrastructure enables local breakout and peering of data, ensuring regulatory data sovereignty requirements.

Enabling your devices to peer data through our IP core into your application through:

  • IPSEC or Open VPN technologies
  • Direct Connect to major cloud vendors
  • Leased line to your infrastructure

Using Pelion Connectivity Management

Not already a customer? It's a simple process to get up and running.

  1. Sign up

    Let us know your requirements, our commercial team will guide you through the landscape of technologies, agree commercials that suit your business and onboard you

  2. Order

    Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a user account to login to our portal. From here, you can add subscribers, order SIM cards or eSIM profiles. Physical SIM cards will be dispatched and arrive as quickly as next day.

  3. Activate

    Once you’re ready to connect your devices to our network, you need to activate them through our single click activation process.

  4. Billing

    At the end of each month, receive an invoice for all of your connectivity regardless of the partner network you choose.


Connectivity Management features giving developers and non-developers the ability to manage their connected devices.

Providing a toolset for enterprises and Connectivity Service Providers to manage their connectivity:

Enterprise and Admin UI

Rich and engaging user interfaces for managing your device, your customer and their devices.

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Help, Documentation and User Guides

Clear and concise help documentation enabling you to manage all aspect of your account yourself.

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API Documentation

Restful APIs providing a simple integration point to manage your subscribers on any network with the same interface.

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Support Services

24/7 ITIL structured support team with unrivaled experience in helping customers deploy devices. Our team pride themselves on making it easy for you to diagnose complex issues in a language you can understand.

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